//// 18th February I guess it's time to start at least writing in case of something happenning out of sudden. There's an imaginary people to put life into, big story to write.

For many years I didn't writen anything about imaginary people living in my head. I was embarassed by it, but I feel that little world matured enough to be shaped into better form. Child of many years of daydreaming maybe will see light of the day sooner that I thought it will.

While I planned it to start as something visual, I think it's better to write about characters, storylines and give creating somewhat coherent stories in kind of diary form or even longer stories. It will be a good base to work on visuals, because I'll develop characters more. Their relationships will be better, story will be more believeable and continuous than it is now.

Scattered thoughts, little stories and all things don't make sense yet. It still lives mainly in my head, but I want to promise myself to write more and do this daily. Think about these little people more, stick to one storyline (too much of "what if...") and maybe when I'll be more inmersed in own imaginary one, dreadful feeling of that I couldn't live in this era will wane over time. Which is currently so painful, on the other hand frivolous, that I cry everyday now. This sucks a lot, but gotta move on. x