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About me

For a long time I was really unconfortable about trying to describe myself and thought things I create speak way better. Things changed and I feel more confortable with myself (thanku Somnol).

I'm Devon, soon I'll be turning 19. Absorbed in trying to get vibe of late 90s "cool culture', generally interested in art, graphic design and music. I also like older fashion (mainly 60s and 70s, also around turn of milennium) and web design of yesterday.

Idea lifted from Caby's about page, so there are some listed favourites:
Favourite book: Haruki Murakami's Trilogy of the Rat and Stanislaw Lem's Solaris
Favourite movie: It's hard to decide what movie is my favourite and I don't really watch them anymore, but still got some I revisit sometimes. Chungking Express is huge influence on my creative stuff, also I like In the Mood for Love. I like various documentaries too.
Favourite music: I used to be of more electonic music type of person, but I now enjoy more of Indie/Alt rock. My favourite electronic genres are Drum & Bass, Techno, House (mostly Garage and French), some IDM and sporadically Trip-hop/Downtempo.
Favourite musicians/bands: The Stone Roses, Underworld, Boards of Canada, Massive Attack, UNKLE, Tricky, Todd Edwards, Kerri Chandler, PJ Harvey, Starflyer 59, u-Ziq, R.E.M, Air, The Orb, New Order, Saint Etienne, 808 State / A Guy Called Gerald and recently Oasis, Suede and Ian Brown's solo stuff.
Favourite albums: u-Ziq - Royal Astronomy, Manuel Gottsching - E2-E4, Oasis - Definitely Maybe for now

Ways to contact me

I don't really use social media and I don't want to, but there are some ways you can get in touch with me.

I check it daily and I'll try to respond quickly. Send me one if you want a proper conversation too.
devon (at) matfloor.net on Escargot
Sometimes I'm on Escargot, usually I should be online but sometimes I forget to log in.
I don't really use toyhou.se a lot, but it's still a great tool. Only few of my characters for now, but more character stuff will be coming in future.
It isn't really a social site now, but I do like to keep my listening statistics.
An ancient mood tracker which used to be on almost every personal blog in 00s, which I found few years ago on old Geocities site. Started using it recently and turns out it's fun. Planned to have a mood indicator there, but I currently I can't fit it in my current layout.

Link me

If you like my site and want to link me, I got few buttons:

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Two of them were made to match my previous layouts and there's a new one, but use one what you want.

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