main (September - mid December 2020)
Not very first version of site, but first proper layout which I did for it. Design heavily inspired by early 00s use of pixel art and most importantly, seminal kaliber10k (RIP). (mid December 2020 - early March (2021)
Second (and probably still my favourite) version of the site. Using way more complicated tables than before and lot more of graphics, first appearance of dropdown menus. Two versions of layout, teal/brown for main pages and beige (easier on eyes) for galleries and text heavy pages. (early March - Summer 2021)
Last proper layout in a while. Heavily inspired by teen blog scene of early 00s when blog craze pushed some freshness in web design not only from trendy designers, but kids just journaling about their daily lives and things they like (with copious amounts of drama) (Summer 2021 - mid January 2022)
Cleaned up version of v3, slimmed down siginificantly and sections were completely reorganized and simplified, got rid of unused projects that were small subsites on v3. (mid December 2021 - mid February 2022)
A version that didn't last really long, but it's still important since I consider it being a re-launch and sign of me moving on, getting back to enjoying all of this stuff. I still love 3 column index page layout and headers were lot of fun to make, I'm still satisfied with lot of them. Some parts ended being moved to devon.somnol

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